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Information on Sealed Brindles




                   NOT "RARE BLACK" BOXER 

The Boxer does not carry the gene for a black coat color. I have sealed brindle Boxers that appear to be black, a sealed brindle is a brindle who has so many dark lines in their coat that it seals out the fawn lines making the coat appear completely black. It is not really black, it just has excessive dark stripes. AKC classifies sealed brindle's as brindle. Some Boxers have such a deep reverse or sealed brindle that they appear black but upon viewing them in the sunlight you will see their bridling or fawn color in their coat. Some of these brindle boxers may end up with such a great amount of dark striping that it can be quite difficult to find the fawn under color without close inspection.  More info posted below.

                 sealed brindle, in the sunlight, notice the brindle markings.                                               

My Boxers are not rare black Boxers, they are sealed brindle in color. My litters have tiger brindle's, reverse brindle's, dark reverse brindle's, brindle's and sealed brindle's. Sealed brindle is not a color that is any different to any other shade of brindle. It is a term used in North America simply to describe a dog that has such a heavy concentration of brindle stripes so as to have the appearance of being a dark dog.  The opposite is "light" brindle - describing a dog that has very few brindle stripes. And in between all that, there is "golden" brindle, "fawn" brindle, "brown" brindle, "red" brindle, "mahogany" brindle, etc. These simply describe the shade of fawn ground color, exactly the same as for differing shades of solid fawn boxers.